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LBAU is the newest umpire association in St Louis. We may be new, but we're highly experienced and we're prepared to show you the way an umpire association is to be run and how the game of baseball is to be played.

We're proud of our commitment to serve St Louis. Our goal is to improve the quality of baseball in St Louis.

New Umpires

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve St Louis and help kids to learn the correct way to play baseball?

Are you looking for some extra work with excellent pay that includes the benefits of working on a baseball field?

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Experienced Umpires
Are you looking for an opportunity to work high level games with the highest payout? We're a flexible and easy to work with association.

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Baseball Leagues
Are you looking for reliable and knowledgable umpires? We're professional and prepared to work with your schedules and budgets.

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Umpires Serving St Louis :: :: 314 805 7521